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Ophthalmological Institute (SOI)
Samitivej Ophthalmological Institute (SOI) at Samitivej Chinatown Hospital offers international standard care with JCI accreditation. The Center is operated by internationally renowned doctors backed by skilled nurses providing ophthalmological care. The services include eye examinations, glaucoma and cataract treatments, retinal disorders and sight surgery.
Samitivej Smart Joint Center
The Samitivej Smart Joint Center is specialized in bone and joint health. Our highly skilled doctors who have been recognized are ready to provide osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis of hip joint patients with comprehensive care. We also provide the best experiences of joint replacement surgery.
Samitivej Liver and Digestive Institute
Samitivej Liver and Digestive Institute specializes in digestive and liver. We offer international standard care with JCI accreditation with internationally renowned doctors and global medical technology. Our features are gastroscopy and colonoscopy with treatments of colon cancer.
Samitivej Esthetics Institute
Samitivej Esthetics Institute strives to keep everyone in healthy skin. We help everyone eliminates skin problems. Our highly skilled doctors specialize in highly techniques. We also have the most advanced technology to restore youthfulness to your skin. You’ll be a new one again.
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