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Dr. Pradub Sukhum

Bangkok Heart Hospital (BHT) is one of over 40 Bangkok Group Hospitals which is the largest hospital group in Thailand and one out the 5 largest hospital groups in the world, under the management of Bangkok Dusit Medical Service Public Company Limited. BHT is located in the same campus of Samitivej Hospital at Headquarter (BHQ) which is the flagship of Bangkok Group Hospitals. BHQ (previously called Bangkok Medical Center or BMC) was found in 1972. BMC has created a Bangkok Heart Center in 1989. By 2005 the Bangkok Heart Center has become Bangkok Heart Hospital (BHT) and occupied a separate building. Bangkok Heart Hospital (BHT) is the first dedicated private heart hospital in Thailand. Since BHT is located and closely associated with Samitivej Hospital (previously called Bangkok General Hospital or BGH) and Wattanosod Hospital (a hospital dedicate to cancer care), all these hospitals will share the extensive resources.

Bangkok Heart Hospital has 95 cardiovascular beds. BHT is equipped with the most advanced technology. There are teams of highly trained 70 physicians relate to cardiovascular work. There are more than 200 nursing and supporting staffs.

To achieve the highest standard of care, BMC and BHT has acquired Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation since 2007. In 2008, BHT has been certified in acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and heart failure Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC) from JCI. The programs were recertified in 2011and 2014.

BHT is a tertiary hospital for acute and chronic cardiovascular care. BHT offers a complete range of services relate to heart and blood vessel conditions, encompassing diagnosis, imaging, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention. There are all modality of noninvasive services, invasive services, advanced electrophysiology services and full range of cardiovascular surgeries.

BHT is an international hospital with foreign patient about 25 %. They are from all over the world. With our strong commitment, proper preparation, experience, excellent outcome and continuation of improvement, BHT is expecting to be one of the important destination for cardiovascular care for ASEAN population and for other part of the world.