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Aesthetic Centers

Aesthetic Centers

Plastic Surgery Center
Plastic surgery involves the aesthetic correction, shaping or molding, contouring, and restoring of any specific appearance of the physical form.
Aesthetic plastic surgery for the enhancement of looks is increasingly popular worldwide. At our Aesthetic Centers, we offer a variety of the most up to date cosmetic procedures with well trained and highly qualified specialists from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons providing patients with consultations and an excellent care on all surgical procedures.
We provide services and procedures as follow:

- Face lift/ neck lift/ for head lift
- Eyelidplasty
- Rhinoplasty (augmentation and reduction / reshaping)
- Chin augmentation
- Otoplasty (pinning of the ears)
- Breast augmentation, breast lifting and breast reduction (reduce the size to improve weight and burden to the shoulders and back)
- Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
- Liposuction to improve shape and body contour
- Service for cleft lip and cleft palate repair
- Pharyngeal flap to improve speeches
- Minor surgeries

In addition to cosmetic surgery, a wide range of facial skin rejuvenation services are also available. For consultations prior to cosmetic surgery, please call the Aesthetic Centers.