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The Hair Restoration Medical Center

The Hair Restoration Medical Center


Natural Hair Regrowth Program


This program was formulated in Melbourne by Dr. Alan Ong, a victim of male pattern baldness himself. Bioscor International offers a highly effective medically supervised natural hair regrowth program with NO surgery involved. The treatment includes the use of a unique blend of medications, vitamins and herbs to revitalize the scalp and to stimulate the regrowth of your hair. Our program is directed at stimulating follicular activity and moving your hair back into the anagenic (growth) phase.

Bioscor’s hair program is effective for any form of Non-Scarring Alopecia that can be caused or aggravated by a number of factors. These include:

• Genetic predisposition to hair loss (Androgenetic alopecia or male/female pattern baldness)

• Hormonal dysfunction (i.e. hyper/ hypothyroidism)

• Autoimmune (alopecia areata, alopecia totalis)

• Nutritional and mineral deficiencies (i.e. dieting, iron deficiency)

• Postpartum hair loss

• Stress or prolonged illness

• Adverse drug reaction

Medical process

• Initial consultation and examination to assess general health status, appraise scalp condition and explanation of program structure.

• Blood tests (optional) to exclude any medical condition which may cause or accelerate hair loss.

• Hormone tests (optional) to assess hormone level whether it is in the best condition for hair regrowth. If not, the doctor will help adjust your hormone level.

• Photography to monitor progress of hair growth.

• Bioscor Hair Analysis - analyze hair and scalp condition thoroughly with Bioscor Hair Analysis.


Bioscor Hair Treatment

Bioscor exclusive in-house hair treatment a regular treatment aimed at ultra cleansing the scalp promoting maximum absorption of product into the hair for maximum hair regrowth.


Bioscor LED Light Therapy

To stimulate the hair roots to become healthier and to prevent hair loss.


Bioscor Hair & Scalp Laser Program

Mosaic Laser Hair Renewal the Mosaic system's fractional laser technology boosts natural hair regrowth. It uses depth-controlled micro beams, photomechanical stimulation and photo bio-activation of the scalp to promote hair follicular regeneration



Beneficial results should be visible within 3 months. The duration of treatment will vary depending on the cause of hair loss. Hair loss associated with stress or as a consequence of general medical or a local scalp problem usually does not require maintenance treatment once causative factors are dealt with. Genetically determined hair loss (e.g. male pattern baldness) will normally require on-going maintenance therapy.

Factors affecting hair regrowth:

• Gender: Men and Women have different hormones, and thus may have slightly different reactions to treatment.

• Age: The younger the better your chances are for optimal rejuvenation.

• Severity of hair loss: Don't wait till too much damage has been done. Early treatment has higher chances of success.

• Compliance to program: Consistency breeds success. Adhering to the program would help ensure optimal hair rejuvenation.

Hair Transplantation Program

Bioscor International by Samitivej offers methods of hair growth treatment for different types and levels of baldness, performed by specialists using advanced technology. There are two types of methods available as follows.

• Automated Hair Transplant

Designed to treat patients with small areas of baldness, this method transplants hair without causing any surgical scars. The machine first extracts hairs from the occiput by penetrating into the hair roots and harvesting the hair cells one by one. It then transplants the harvested cells in the targeted bald areas.

• Hair Transplant Surgery

This approach is for those who experience baldness across a wide area. Hair cells are harvested from the occiput to be transplanted in the desired areas. This procedure keeps the length of the hair intact and does not weaken the hair roots which remain strong.